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3-D Printers Offer New Frontier for Artists


by Michael Keller

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about all the possibilities inherent in 3-D printing. And the technology’s potential future is tantalizing: hospitals printing bespoke organs to fit transplant patients, the military and manufacturers solving design problems on the fly and smart machines making their own offspring, to name just a few.

But one area we haven’t looked at yet where 3-D printing is already making its mark is in the art world. A tribe of technophile artists is embracing 3-D printing for its ability to make intricate, complex shapes with seemingly impossible angles and undulating curves. And who knows? Maybe, like in Apple’s successful product creation formula where design meets engineering, some of these artists’ bright ideas will help the technology advance.

Here are just a few samples of 3-D printed work that have caught our eye.

(Top Image: 3-D printed lamps by Nervous System on display at the 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Photo courtesy Nervous System.)

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