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So you’re freaking out because you think the government is spying on you?  Well, guess what, they are… and so is pretty much everyone else.

Go ahead try disconnecting for a couple days.  You will lose your shit sooner than later and come crawling back to mama.  Unless you’re this guy. Or, this person.

Anyway, you are being spied on main because people want to sell you stuff.  They want to sell you the right stuff just when you need it most.  Buried under that veil somewhere is also the fact that data will make your life more coherent without you even noticing.

Many large retailers are becoming so good at this stuff that they can predict if you’re pregnant with only a few subtle changes in your shopping behavior.  This is data science people and it’s here to stay: Trust me my friends, READ THE WHOLE NY TIMES JAM!!!  Here’s an excerpt:

"Almost every major retailer, from grocery chains to investment banks to the U.S. Postal Service, has a “predictive analytics” department devoted to understanding not just consumers’ shopping habits but also their personal habits, so as to more efficiently market to them. “But Target has always been one of the smartest at this,” says Eric Siegel, a consultant and the chairman of a conference called Predictive Analytics World. “We’re living through a golden age of behavioral research. It’s amazing how much we can figure out about how people think now.”"