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While I’m not shocked….

It’s always surprising to read about how much people hate each other first hand and in real time.

Djohar Tsarneav’s VK Social Network profile is exploding with anti-American, anti-Islam, and anti-each other statements.  Google translate- the page:imageGleb Polynov

Jey , Do u know Difference Between - “Trying” and “making”?USA trying for 40 ears and all the time your countri kill DOZENS of Innocent people, you are BANDIT country, you think taht other world is yours, so thats why
Bohdan Semets

Whether or not the information on the profile is real, it’s provided a forum through which people from all over the world share incendiary and hateful ideas.  This is definitely the dark underbelly of the internet.


From Hacking Banks to Helping the Little Guy, Anonymous Combats Cyber Bullies

— Anonymous, the networked hacking community markedly shifted from taking down big bank websites to sticking up for the little guy (or girl in this case).  Hopefully this marks the beginning of a new modus operandi for the group, something like what micro-loans were to finance in third world countries (for example Kiva).  Instead of conducting massive attacks anonymous hackers have a chance to reinvent themselves as a grass roots movement against cyber bullying.  You need a small army of talented programmers to form a proto cyber community watch.  In fact if I were Twitter I’d devote resources to an internal team specifically devoted to monitoring the service for abusive and dangerous situations.

   In the mean time, the enabled strong defending the unable weak in cyber Wild Wild West should make any romantic blush. Hopefully the fear of exposure, more importantly the fear of reprisals from social communities, will dissuade bullies from tormenting fragile teens from behind their cowardly digital veils.

    Hopefully the right people can come together to draw a solid battle line bullies dare not cross.

Keep reading for an early success and example of good.


      Last week, a 15-year-old named Kylie tweeted her suicidal thoughts, and a Twitter account called @KillYourselfKylie tweeted back a series of ugly responses. These included “We have 3 bitches who should cut and drink bleach” and “I think i just made someone cut herself yayayyyy” and “We hate you just die…” That last note was followed by a list of six first names—apparently teenagers who knew Kylie.

“Thats it. Im done,” Kylie wrote back. @KillyYourselfKylie replied, “I WILL NEVER LET YOU IN PEACE… NEVER!!!”

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I highly recommend you watch this entire TED video.  If you’re short on time however start watching at 11:30 because this is where things get really crazy.  MIT researcher Deb Roy wanted to understand how his infant son learned language — so he wired up his house with videocameras to catch every moment (with exceptions) of his son’s life, then parsed 90,000 hours of home video to watch “gaaaa” slowly turn into “water.”

He then applies this technology and big data principle to television feeds and social media traffic.  Mr. Roy is able to “get a true pulse on our nation at any given moment” by measuring what people are talking about and how they’re reacting to media in real time.  What’s really amazing in this video is how his MIT team visualizes the findings.