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In the future, marketing will be like sex: Only the losers pay for it.

Awesome article from FastCompany

Agencies need to get their shit together and start being really creative.  If 70% of the top brass in your company doesn’t have a twitter account you will probably fail.


I’m not downplaying the power of television especially as a part of an interactive and engaging marketing campaign through the multi-screen (4-screen) ecosystem.  But, if all you’re doing is still placing expensive media buys your probably not going to be around much longer as a company.  Also, let’s face it, you need engaging and high quality content to be successful in the interactive world.  At a bare minimum you need to reward consumers for their attention with nice content.  How many agencies are really willing to take that extra initiative and actually act as advisors to clients?  That’s for another post though.

Below is a small excerpt from the article about the bloated industry.  I’m actually beginning to see this at my own company.  Finally the industry will get the enema it’s needed for a long time.

"There’s never been a better time to be in advertising," says Aaron Reitkopf, North American CEO of digital agency Profero, referring to the unbound possibilities of digital, "and there’s never been a worse time." Reitkopf left his CEO post at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners a year ago and spent some time visiting agency heads while figuring out a next step. "At the beginning of our conversations, they would put on a brave face, but once you began to quiz them about the future, the door would close in the office," he says. "They’d look at you and say, ‘I can’t possibly know what the future looks like.’ " There’s only one thing everyone agrees on, Reitkopf says, and that’s that there is too much excess: too many people, too many of the wrong kinds of people, too much bloat, too much inefficiency. And this in an industry that has laid off more than 160,000 people in the past two years. "Ohhhh," nods Reitkopf, "the carnage is going to be awesome."