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Think Digital do iTV: Campaign Planning Hitlist for Interactive Television

When planning an iTV campaign of any kind you need to think like a consumer and do like a digital (cross-platform) marketer.  No sweat right?

Digital marketers live and breathe page views, visits, uniques, impressions, clicks, click-throughs, and conversions.  They’ve been doing so for several iterations of the internet already and now television must become part of this dialogue.  Television folks need to join the conversation and learn the digital language to stay relevant. 

Over the past 12 years online click-through rates plummeted to around 0.1% and while that might be okay in the overcrowded digital world of low CPM, it sure as hell is not enough to warrant investment on Television.

To further complicate the matter, people engage with Television very differently than all other media and those habits are changing faster than we can measure them.  However there’s hope. Regardless of platform, the most successful interactive campaigns share the following characteristics:

I. They exchange value with the consumer and reward them for their attention

II. They invite rather than interrupt the audience

III. They have the look and feel of an “experience” versus an “advertisement“

If you use this small, efficient, and encompassing list as a philosophical guide all other iTV components should fall into place.