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Really don’t like the title of this article, it’s misleading and way too finite.  Consumers have no idea how they want to consume media, just ask any ‘second screen’ app company out there.  Also 60+ years of TV viewing habits (aka The Couch Potato) don’t just disappear overnight.  This and fragmentation on screens and through software makes video habits impossible to nail down. Consumers download, subscribe, tune in, once then get distracted by someone else pitching the next best software.  Right now it’s all about convenience so all the rest of us can do it just hope we have the right technology at the right time to get them the content they want in a particular situation.

The author writes in regards to mobile,

“Being on-the-go no longer hinders their ability to consume media. Quite often they have a touch screen, which further enhances interactive communication and opens up a two-way channel for instant feedback and discussion.”

This is all fine except what if consumers are consuming mobile video in bed or in the bathtub and not on the go.  What if the iPad replaced their kitchen set-top-box?  I don’t have the answers, all i’m saying is be wary of finite headlines.  Don’t let them pollute your head as things are much more complicated than they seem.