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Scientists Discover Source of Imagination in Human Brain

So what did they find? It turns out that a cortical and subcortical network (what the hell is that) over a large part of the brain was responsible for the imagery manipulations. This network closely resembled the “mental workspace” that scientists theorized might be responsible for imagination.

The scariest part of the article is mainly that scientists are excited about this because… "understanding these differences will give us insight into where human creativity comes from and possibly allow us to recreate those same creative processes in machines."  Great.





Hyperstealth is a Canadian company that has recently developed a material that bends light waves around a target that allows for complete invisibility labeled “Quantum Stealth”. The material removes not only your visual, infrared (night vision) and thermal signatures but also the target’s shadow.

Well, holy crap.  O.o

Apparently the photos are mock-ups bc they don’t want to reveal their real tech just yet. And that’s fine. I’m just happy to hear about more progress on this. I’ve been writing about invisibility cloaks for some time (x, x). And I mention it to friends now and then - who are generally pretty skeptical and assume I’m pulling their leg.

Sometimes it feels like science advances at a crawl; other times it feels faster than light. Either way, as I’ve said before, get ready, bc the future is here.

p.s. paintball games in the near future are gonna be so much fun!

This needs to happen!
And apparently it works from all angles o_0 

(via the-science-llama)

While Looking to Mars, We Learn About Us



by Michael Keller

Since the world’s spacefaring nations got serious about sending people to Mars, they’ve had to start figuring out just what such a long journey would do to a person enduring it.

Research around the world is now starting to flesh out with data what used to be conjecture about the health impacts of space travel. Some of it is also shedding light on how our bodies work.

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America’s Education Dilemma: How to Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers, Scientists, and Mathematicians

Educators, technologists, and politicians all worry about the future of the American student.  Less and less American college students are interested in math and science while their international peers are excelling in those critical fields.  Fostering a generation of thinkers, tinkerers, inventors, scientists, and medical innovators is as important to national security as any national defense budget.  So as we struggle to figure out how to get kids more interested in math and science, some clever people are already creating solutions.  The key to fostering key critical thinking skills and a properly wired brain is START EARLY.  It’s no secret that childhood stimulation is key to brain development.

Behold a recently funded kickstarter project called ATOMS, “ATOMS are a system of plug-n-play sensors, motors, and logic blocks for kids and adults to make things that can do amazing thing.”  Not THIS is how you inspire the engineer and scientist of the future, make learning fun, cool, and challenging.  Read more.

What’s more you can control and interact with your creations via any IOS device.  Talk about cool and innovative!  You can also attach the ATOM bricks to existing toys, legos or virtually anything.

To highlight the claims I made earlier: A report in 2012 by Harvard University’s Program on Education Policy and Governance found that US students aren’t progressing to catch up to their foreign peers. See the infographic below, the USA ranks 31st and 23rd in Math and Science respectively even with a the 2nd highest starting teacher salaries in the world. You can read the entire story here.

Education Olympics The Education Olympics [Infographic]

Don’t you wish you had some of these to blow up you Lego Deathstar when you were a kid?  I sure do.  It’s projects like these that will inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.  Perhaps, even save the country.

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