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Nice infographic but this study by TremorVideo leaves out traditional TV (cable) viewing- I think this is a mistake.

Marketers and advertisers need the full picture to effectively distribute marketing dollars across multiple media.  Matt Silverman writes that “consumers have shifted their video consumption habits drastically in recent years — from cable to connected TV.”  The Tremorvideo study speaks for itself, video usage through ‘newer’ technologies is rapidly increasing, but by leaving out pay tv it tells an incomplete and therefore inaccurate story.  Consumers add screens, technologies, and services, not necessarily replace them.  We’re spending more time consuming media as a whole, it’s not like people are only watching Netflix and no longer tuning into cable programming.  In fact, “for all the video people watch on the web, it is still a tiny fraction of how much they watch on TV in terms of time spent. In a report put out yesterday on the State of the Media summarizing 2011 data, Nielsen estimates Americans spend an average of 32 hours and 47 minutes a week watching traditional TV. They only spend an average of 3 hours and 58 minutes a week on the Internet, and only 27 minutes a week watching video online. All those billions of videos watched online still only represent 1.4 percent of the time spent watching traditional TV.” Full article here.

watching video TV vs online

Online, mobile, and connected TV viewing replaces traditional TV video viewing for a small but loud segment.  For the majority of people however our addiction to screens continues to grow, and as the availability of content expands out social lives will proportionally suffer.

Marketers should ask how to place advertising to fight distraction and fragmentation not try to pick one screen over another.  The key to the future is the right marketing mix across all screens, across all behaviors, and across time of day.  Time of day warrants it’s own post but I think it’s the key to properly reaching people through connected devices.

Really don’t like the title of this article, it’s misleading and way too finite.  Consumers have no idea how they want to consume media, just ask any ‘second screen’ app company out there.  Also 60+ years of TV viewing habits (aka The Couch Potato) don’t just disappear overnight.  This and fragmentation on screens and through software makes video habits impossible to nail down. Consumers download, subscribe, tune in, once then get distracted by someone else pitching the next best software.  Right now it’s all about convenience so all the rest of us can do it just hope we have the right technology at the right time to get them the content they want in a particular situation.

The author writes in regards to mobile,

“Being on-the-go no longer hinders their ability to consume media. Quite often they have a touch screen, which further enhances interactive communication and opens up a two-way channel for instant feedback and discussion.”

This is all fine except what if consumers are consuming mobile video in bed or in the bathtub and not on the go.  What if the iPad replaced their kitchen set-top-box?  I don’t have the answers, all i’m saying is be wary of finite headlines.  Don’t let them pollute your head as things are much more complicated than they seem.

“Traditionally watching TV or a video has been a ‘lean back’ experience, which means people passively view a TV show or movie,” Condition One COO Andrew Chang tells Co.Design. “Video is becoming a ‘lean forward’ experience. … We’re pushing forward that concept by allowing viewers to change their perspective of what they’re seeing, not just passively accepting the viewpoint of the director.”

Multi-Screen Media Usage


A few takeaways:
- More than 80% of respondents reported watching video on a computer (84%) or on television (83%)
- 74% of Asia Pacific and 72% of Middle Eastern / African respondents watch video on mobile phones once a month (almost 40% watch content on their device daily)

Chalk this one up to Nielsen’s blog.  This site is proving to be a valuable resource to anyone looking for some great digital articles.  Check out the blog here http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/